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Fun & Creativity

Social Emotional

Social Emotional focuses on helping children become caring, competent, and confident individuals.  We nurture children's social emotional development by giving them a strong sense of self, fostering their independence, encouraging them to make friends, and teaching them to share.


Language is all around us, and nothing supports a child's language skills like early experiences with speaking and listening.  By engaging children in conversations, exposing them to new words, encouraging expression of thoughts, feelings, and opinions through words, we lay the foundation for a child's success.


Literacy begins by immersing children in literacy-rich environment and fostering a love for language and reading.  We support their emerging literacy skills by planning activities that involve phonemic & phonological awareness, book knowledge & print awareness, early writing, and alphabet knowledge.


Creative Arts

Creative arts support all areas of child development and foster children's imagination and creativity.  By painting a colorful picture, singing a song, dancing, and role playing with their friends.  Children learn to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings and new creative ways.



Mathematics is the study of numbers, quantities, measurements, shapes, and their relationship to one another.  We support these skills by creating hand-on experience and by presenting problems to children that are meaningful and relevant to their developmental level.


Science is the study of the world and how it works.   Children are natural scientists and their curiosity leads them to seek answer to questions and make connections.  By experimenting, making predictions, exploring, testing observations, and investigating, children learn about he world they live in. We give the children the opportunity to use tools and simple measuring devices.

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